Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Bombshell's Guide to: Rainy Weather

When you say the names Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren what comes to mind? Incredibly elegant women with an  unforgettable charm and sex appeal. All these women have one thing in common, they are unmistakably all bombshells of their time. They have va va voom, style and a touch of quirkiness that everyone seems to love. So what would these women do in our rainy English weather? Would they opt for wellies and a raincoat? Lauren Stover has been researching bombshells for years and lets us in on their secrets!

When faced with the wind and rain a bombshell will throw on a trench coat and their most resilient pair of shoes. They wood never opt for wellies unless they absolutely had to. They enjoy getting caught in the rain and do not mind at all if their dress happens to cling to their body and turn slightly see through. The bombshell also hates getting her face wet in case her makeup is ruined. Although, she enjoys the dramatic effect of mascara running down her face when she has been upset. A bombshell will often buy pretty large umbrellas with polka dots or frills. However, she often leaves them in taxis or at a cafe. If no umbrella is present, she will use her bag or a newspaper to protect herself. Men have been known to walk streets out of their way to hold an umbrella over the bombshell until she arrives safely at her destination.

I hope this post has brought a little rainy day inspiration your way!
Nina Lea xx

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